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Jens Andersson Tynjo (Tønjum) came to America aboard this ship in 1868 (Bergen, Norway to Quebec, Canada).


Built in 1848 in Bath - Maine - USA. The ship was built by George F. Patten. In 1864 it was bought by Chr. Castberg, later sold to Fredrik Host (Sandefjord), sold 1873 to GB/USA. Captain from 1864 to 1872 was J. Chr. Andersen jr. Dimensions: Length 152,2 feet x beam 33,6 feet and depth 16,9 feet. Material: Wood, Tonnage: 436 cl.

"Claus Heftye"
(Photo courtesy of Swiggum Solem Ships List)

Jens' mother, Rannveig Torsteinsdatter Horge, and siblings, Torstein and Anna Anderson came to America aboard this ship in 1872 (Bergen, Norway to Quebec, Canada).


Built in Bergen, Norway 1853. Reg. Ton: 136 and Comm. I.: 61,5. Owned by the shipping company E. Berentsen, Stavanger, Norway. Captained by: Lars Kolnes (from 1871-1873. In 1884/5, it went to a new owner, M. Larsen, in Sandefjord, Norway. (Information supplied by: Aase Sandvik of Stavanger Maritime Musuem)

"Nord Stjernen"(North Star)
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Ingeborg Henriksdatter (Hogenson) came to the U.S. aboard this ship.

The Frigate Bird was built at Baltimore in 1853. Her dimensions were: Length 145 feet, breadth 29 feet, depth 16 feet and draught 18,5 feet. When she sailed in 1871 she was rigged as a ship. Later the she was rigged as a bark. Tonnage (in 1880) was 566 Norwegian Int. tons.

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Ship captained by Capt. Sørensen, left Bergen and arrived in New York June 18.

Jens Olsson Tønjum (Uncle to Jens Andersson) Tynjo/Tønjum) and his family came to the U.S. aboard this ship in 1851.

"Bark Emmanuel"
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The Wilhelm (William) Wolff family came to the U.S. aboard this ship.


Burden: 2,684 Gross Built: 1857 in Greenock at Caird & Co.
Shipowner/Operator: Hamburg America Line
Dimensions: 311.7ft x 42.6ft

1857 Launched Aug. 21
1857 Chartered as Indian Mutiny transport
1858 Apr. 1, first voyage Hamburg-Southampton-New York
1871 Re-engined with compound engines by Reiherstieg
1873 Oct. 5, last voyage Hamburg-Southampton-New York
1879 Sold to Russia and renamed "Nijni Novogrod"
1895 Scrapped

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