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Name: Emma Wolff
Born: 29 SEP 1858 at: Prussia
Married: 1876 at:
Died: 18 DEC 1927 at: Minnesota
Father: William Wolff
Mother: Amelia Pape
Spouse: John Wolff
Born: 1851 at: Germany
Died: 08 JUL 1914 at:
Father: John Wolff
Mother: Alvina Wolff

John & Emma Wolff Family


Ida Wolff
Born: 17 JUL 1870 at:
Married: No
Died: 18 APR 1947 at:Shell Rock TWP,MN

Henry Wolff
Born: 00 SEP 1880 at: Northwood, Iowa
Married: ? at:
Died:? at: Northwood, Iowa
Spouse: Lena Behl

Ella Wolff
Born: 00 MAR 1884 at:
Married: 05 NOV 1903 at: Myrtle, Minn
Died: ?
Spouse: Carl Seeger

Carl & Ella (Wolff) Seeger

Franz (Frank) Wolff
Born: 1894 at:Shell Rock TWP,MN
Married: No
Died: 1957 at:

Wilhelmina (Minnie) Wolff
Born: 30 APR 1889 at: Minnesota
Married:? at:
Died: ? at:
Spouse: Albert Theel
*Note* Had twins, one lost at a
picnic and never found - assumed kidnapping

Anna Wolff
Born: 00 APR 1889 at:
Married: ? at:
Died: ? at:
Spouse: Herman Theel

Helena Wolff
Born: 20 MAR 1893 at:
Married: No
Died: 1957 at:Shell Rock TWP,MN

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