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Name: Carl (Charles) Wolff
Born: 02 JUN 1862 at: Germany
Married: 28 MAY 1897 at:
Died: 23 DEC 1924 at: Glenville, MN
Father: William Wolff
Mother: Amelia Henrietta Pape
Spouse: Anna W. E. Seeger
Born: 02 JUN 1877 at: Freeborn Co.,MN
Died: 01 APR 1937 at: Glenville, MN
Father: Frank Seeger


Irwin Wolff
Born: 00 JUL 1898 at: Minnesota
Died: 02 APR 1917

Elmer Wolff
Born: 23 NOV 1901 at: St. Ansgar, IA
Married: ? at:
Died: 03 JAN 1967 at: Glenville, MN
Spouse: Hannah Tuecke

Elmer & Hannah (Tuecke) Wolff

Ethel Wolff
Born: 1905
Married: ?
Died: 03 JUL 1976
Spouse: Art Lau

Ruth Wolff
Born: 12 JAN 1918 at: Minnesota
Married: ? at:
Died: 28 MAY 1990 at:
Spouse: Arthur Weber
*Note* Twin

Dorothy Wolff
Born: 12 JAN 1918 at: Minnesota
Married: ? at:
Died: 01 JAN 1980 at: Glenville, MN
Spouse: Elder Dutte
*Note* Twin

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